Flexible,simplicity platform

Integrated message broker and NoSQL time-series storage can be used in minutes.

The device registry manages assets such as sensor nodes and gateways.

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Massively Scale

Scalable message broker with C1000K massive connections

Low latency

Thanks to event-driven subsystems, low latency is achieved

Rule engine

Event notification by rule engine.Support webhook.

Safely,robust communications

MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol

for constrained IoT devices in low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks.

Session track

You can track MQTT sessions with an integrated broker.


An independent topic space for each tenant by ACL

QoS support

Setting the granularity of QoS control in MQTT

Protocolw/EncryptionBi-directionalAuthorize schemeDevicesApplications
MQTTDevice credential-
MQTT over Websocket-
REST API-API credential
Device credential(Device only)

ACL:Access Lists


QoS:Quality of Service

Exploring APIs,build your own IoT project

ThingScale makes it easy to develop the connected product for your business.

 Getting started

Read the basic matters required when to use the API.

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Explains some tutorials and several use cases of ThingScale.

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 API Documentation

Introducing API Reference and some samples.

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